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Hello. we are Pixel Action, a fresh web development team focusing on non-government organisation (NGO), educational and cultural projects.


Our Services:

CMS|Web Design | Infographic | Web Accessibility | SEO | Edm solution | Customize Module | Branding and Corporate Identity | Campaign Strategy | Mobile Solution | Database Management System | Data Visualization | Animation | Dedicated Server Solutions | Hosting


Our Showcases:

HKCSS | Tree Top Cottage | Redteam Video | CSA Animation


Our Works:

We have several keywords at Pixel Action: details, user experience, accessibility and usability.
We do love details and are really concerned if the project promotes communication and action.
Fresh in our mind and heart, we have the experience, skill and resource network to put these core values into practice. And we believe that it is all driven by creativity and the fun of taking challenges.

Selected Clients

Asia Monitor Resource Centre
Youth ImpACT Award
HK Children's Musical Theatre
Research Insitute for the Humanities
cyberport edm
Da Vinci Education
Fifth Wisdom
Green Baby
Green Glass
HK CLIC Poverty
Halo PR
iTech Tower
Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre
Lo Wai Chinese Herbal Garden
Luk Wu
New Life
Partnerships for Community Development
Redteam Video
Social Enterprise Summit
subong zen monastery hong kong
Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network
Visible Record
HKCSS Poverty
Parenting YCEF

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Address: Level 17, Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui